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"The Big Dream”

"The Big Dream”

Introducing the History and Vision of Young Life

Discuss: Even though you can tell Jim Rayburn (founder of YL) is just a shell of his former self—because he was nearly at the end of his battle with cancer—you can’t miss his passion for the Lord and for lost kids to know the Savior as he gives this final address to his staff in 1970.

This is a great video to show leaders who are new to YL.  Even show it twice—ask them to jot down images, or phrases they hear (or have heard elsewhere) that communicate the heart and vision of Young Life.

Things like:
“Everyone has the right to know the truth of Jesus Christ."
“Man alive if there ever was a generation that needed to hear that."
“There’s no price to pay that’s too high…"
…”That’s ALL YL is all about"
“We win the right to be heard"
“It’s a sin to bore anyone with the Gospel"

Go around and share what stuck out to you, what strikes a chord with your heart?

As we cast vision for what it means be a Young Life Leader, take time to pause and consider:
     a) the scope of our impossible mission (“…but with God all things are possible.” Matt. 19:26)
     b) the cost we all must count as we embark on this journey together (being a leader is costly!)

Go around and share what is it about being a leader that makes you the most uncomfortable/afraid?  And what makes you the most excited, or passionate?