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Giving Away Ownership of Club

Giving Away Ownership of Club

Maybe you are like me and struggle with giving away certain aspects of club to your team, for fear that it will not be executed as well….or in other words, club would be a flop! However, our jobs in Young Life never get easier unless we are able to learn to lean into others’ gifts and talents and DELEGATE!

Here are some helpful suggestions of ways you can empower your leaders and student leaders to have more buy in and ownership of club.

•    Figure out the what’s. What aspects of club are important to be done with excellence? What are the different aspects of club that need to be focused on? (example: mixers, games, welcome, music team, music for transitions, program/run-on characters, etc.)
•    Who in your club can do these things? Be creative! You may not have a leader who is talented at knowing the most popular songs but there are leaders on your team who lead kids who DO know. This creates a contact work opportunity for them to meet with those kids and come up with a list of songs for transitions in club. Do not limit roles to only what the leader can do…think their kid’s too! And, if you have student leaders, this is even easier. Leaders can be in charge of mixers but the SL’s pick the mixers and the leader is in charge of thinking through the details and supplies need! BAM!
•    Don’t limit the proclamation to come from ONLY leaders. Once you finish the club talks, have students share their testimony or have alumni come back and talk about things they wish they would of known in high school about Jesus. Once again, be creative!
•    Invite them into the vision casting. Our greatest strategy in reaching kids is prayer. Don’t undermine the power of the Holy Spirit and how leaders and student leaders on your team hear from the Lord. Some of the greatest things we have done at club have come from a vision that teammates have had

Keep up the good work, faithful servants of the Lord…and put on a rocking club by inviting others’ to the discussion table!