For many of us, summer YL camp is only a month or two away! Are you taking any kids with you that have a Catholic background? Take a minute and read below to gain some insight into training leaders on how to relate to kids who come from Catholic homes.

Best case scenario: include a Catholic to help you train your leaders!


  1. How to talk with Catholic Families about YL camp
  2. How to support kids with Catholic background at camp while they process the gospel presentation
  3. Post-camp follow-up tips



In a great old SNL skit, Mike Meyer’s plays Simon--a boy from England--talking with Danny Devito about his late mother. Simon tells Danny, “daddy says my mum is sleeping with the angels.” Danny replies,“my dad says my mommy’s sleeping with the fishes.” Simon then says, “My mum used to say you Americans and we British are separated by a common language.”

Guess what? Catholics and Protestants are too! This is very much an issue for us to be aware of and sensitive around. We are all going to make mistakes! Let’s do our best to be humble and seek to understand before trying to be understood.





Michael Havercamp is a Catholic on Young Life Staff. Check out his blog: