Being a YoungLives coordinator is more like being an area director than a team leader. Coordinators often oversee dozens of volunteers, run club, network in the community, and perform many of the same tasks as an area director – but on a part-time or volunteer basis.  So whether YoungLives is stand-alone or integrated, the following three things are absolutely vital to the health of any YoungLives ministry.

1. Young Life Connection

The supervision and connection a YoungLives ministry has with the local Young Life ministry and/or the Young Life region determine its sustainability.

2. Training

Young Life and YoungLives training are essential for the health and longevity of YoungLives coordinators.

3. Committee

A committee or subcommittee provides ministry with stability as well as financial, spiritual and emotional support for local leaders.

How Do I Supervise a YoungLives Coordinator?

Although you may not have direct YoungLives experience, you are still the Young Life specialist in the area. Here are the top four things you can do to help the YoungLives coordinator be successful:

Meet Regularly

  • Go through Leadership I & II together
  • Establish vision for the area
  • Ask questions and keep her accountable to her job
  • Come up with an ongoing training plan (see YoungLives Hiring & Training Plan)
  • Coach her in what you already know about doing Young Life: building a committee, running a healthy club, planning a camp trip, starting Campaigners, where to find local resources, etc.


  • Attend YoungLives club at least once a year
  • Help run initial mentor trainings and sub-committee meetings

Work Together

  • Report YoungLives on GPS
  • Establish a budget for YoungLives
  • Coach the coordinator in raising personal and area support
  • Show her how to complete administrative tasks (reporting volunteers, ordering materials, etc)

Take Her with You

  • To visit local clubs
  • To meet administration
  • To network in the community
  • To speak to churches