My wife is naturally a good question asker. I am not. How are you? How are your leaders? Not just your brand new leaders, what about your veteran leaders going to camp this year?

For a fun training session that will help new as well as old leaders grow as question askers, watch this video and have a discussion about asking good questions. 

Who in your life asks you good questions? Where in a week of summer camp do we have the opportunity to ask questions? (Pssst...EVERYWHERE!) 

Young Life camp is designed with room for conversations in mind--on the bus, in line for a ride, at the dinner table, walking to and fro, in the game room, at the pool, lying in bed at night... If are like me, you need to think through ideas of questions/topics to engage kids with or these opportunities will pass us by.

Share with your team questions you ask on the bus, at the table...throughout the week! Come up with good ideas. Steal ideas from The Young Life Leader Blog:


Harvard Business Review published an article in 2010 titled "Learn To Ask Better Questions." The article suggests 4 simple tips to asking better questions: 

1. Be curious 

2. Be open-ended (use what, how, and why questions)

3. Be engaged (act like you are interested!) 

4. Dig deeper (get the whole story)