Are you excited about reaching those teen moms in your area, but daunted by the amount of work and money it may take?  Do you feel ill-equipped to train your YoungLives Coordinator?

The great thing is that you have all the tools you need (especially with the following quick facts about YoungLives), to be the best Supervisor your teen mom team needs!  As you support them well, with a little prayer and time, YoungLives will attract many people and resources to your area.  

First of all, you need professional supervision, local ownership and incarnational leadership.  A monthly check in and professional Young Life training (thats you) will support your YoungLives Coordinator.  Next, equip her to rally local churches, organizations, school and individuals to own the ministry with the area. And lastly,  equip the YoungLives team to be Young Life leaders!  Ones that do contact work, know how to run a club and Campaigners, and have a vision for camp! Your YoungLives Coordinator can ask her Regional or Divisional Coordinator for the teen mom parts you can’t answer (you train her like a Young Life Staff, we help with the rest).

Here are some essential things to know about the YoungLives vision:


  • Usually meets once or twice a month, lasting 2-3 hours
  • Provides a meal, childcare and transportation
  • Generally has fewer teens then a typical club, but requires more volunteers
  • Typically meets in a church or community center (somewhere with a nursery)


  • Mentors are expected to serve in the same capacity as Young Life leaders, often additionally meeting with one or two teen moms in a year long mentoring relationship
  • Attend monthly leaders meetings that consist of prayer, planning and training


  • YoungLives camp follows the same reporting structure and deadlines as Young Life camp (IR, R1, R2, 10 Day call-in, etc)
  • YoungLives camps fill up quickly, so it is important to remember to include YoungLives requests in the area camp request form
  • YoungLives areas are required to recruit and bring childcare volunteers. The camp fee for childcare is generally the same amount as a camper’s fee
  • The children of teen moms (3 and under) may attend camp with their mothers at no charge
  • Most teen moms need full or partial scholarships for camp


  • The “extra” items YoungLives use (meals, nursery items and craft materials) are often donated
  • YoungLives often appeals to a different set of donors than Young Life and can be effective at drawing new funding and volunteers into the ministry of Young Life
  • Because YoungLives Coordinators often start as volunteers and then move to part-time or full-time staff later, it is important to discuss long-term goals for the Coordinator’s role right away.  Knowing the end goal will help the supervisor to establish an appropriate training and fundraising plan from the beginning.

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Contributed by Emilie Schreiber, YoungLives Divisional Coordinator