I don't care if you're a first-time-quaking-in-your-boots-leader, heading to camp and dreading your first cabin time...or a veteran-see-I-even-brought-extra-loner-undies-leader, ready to lead 6 kids to Christ during your first cabin time. We can all grow here. Cabin time is an art, not a follow these 3 steps and have instant success kind of thing.

Here's a great exercise to do with your leaders who are going to camp to help them all (rookie, or 5-timer-club) be prepared. Feel free to insert your own questions/scenarios that have stumped you in the past. Basic setup, write these questions/scenarios on scrap pieces of paper, fold, and place in a basket/box/bowl to pass around and have leaders tackle how they'd respond.


Sample scenarios/questions:


1. Christian kid does all the talking in cabin time.

2. While processing / defining Sin in cabin time a camper jumps ahead and offers that sin is no longer a problem for us because Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

3. Camper lets it drop that they have been abused by a family member.

4. Camper is hung up on the idea of Sin--that God is like an abusive parent--willing to send innocent and guilty to hell.

5. No matter how hard you try, one camper won't really talk in cabin time.


Sample thoughts/encouragements--but see what your team comes up with as you critique what each leader did well, and what could we add/help them on.


1. Great opportunity to share the vision with this camper and ask for their help to draw out their friends.

2. Don't get ahead of the speaker--yes there's more to the story, but after the sin talk it's important to process Sin for what it is and deal with it's reality and it's effect on us and our world.

3. We are "Mandatory Reporters"! Keep your leader radar on for anything that would indicate that a camper has been, is being, or might be abused/hurt. We have a responsibility to report these instances--talk with your trip coordinator or a Head Leader at camp.  They are there to help!

4. Overwhelming witness of Scripture--and the fact that Jesus came to us supports that God desires that NONE should perish...but obviously there is a danger that some of us could perish, or we wouldn't have needed a rescue!


Contributed by Jon Coulter