This is an example of a way you could lead your first Student Leader meeting. This is with a focus on student leaders who are following Christ/Campaigner kids. There are several ways to run student leadership...this is just ONE of many ways! 

“Leadership is getting someone to do what they don’t want to do, to achieve what they want to achieve.” Tom Landry 

Devotional: Joshua 6 and the walls of Jericho.
 No one went out or in, two 30 foot walls 15 feet apart, one 12’ thick, one 6’ feet thick, from the bottom, these walls appear to be 10 stories high.

Question to ask kids: What are the walls around your school? What are the obstacles? 

Student leadership is YOU being a leader among your peers! They are dying to hear about Jesus! 

Titanic Clip: Row back for more!
start clip at 4 mins and end at 5 mins.

There were enough lifeboats to save everyone on board, yet most of the lifeboats that were launched off the Titanic were not filled to capacity. For instance, the first lifeboat to launch, lifeboat 7,  from the starboard side, only carried 24 people despite having a capacity of 65. However, it was lifeboat 1 that carried the fewest people - only seven crew and five passengers (a total of 12 people) despite having a capacity for 40.

Don't let the voices of your peers go unheard. There is always room for more in Young Life!

Devotional: Matthew, feeding of the 5000 - solitary place, crowd of 12000 greets him, had compassion on them and healed their sick, disciples wanted Jesus to send the crowds away for food. It’s getting late. Disciples were saying, this is too big, we can’t handle this many people. 

If club (the way it looks and the execution of it) is ONLY what you can handle...then we’re in trouble. Are we going to turn people away? Invite less people to hear the gospel? Be the people on the titanic who rowed away?

Jesus replied, "you give them something to eat." Then Jesus feeds them. He was saying, "I’ll help you with a plan." He broke the bread and then gave it to the disciples who then fed the people. 

12,000 people were present including women and children.

This is where it goes from insane to sane. One basket could feed 50 people… but they come back to Jesus  and he fills the baskets again, again and again. As long as you come back to Me you will have what you need.  

We ask all the questions of how are we going to do this. Jesus isn’t panicked about this. We keep going back to Jesus to provide what we need. He can meet our needs. He allows us to participate in what he is about to do. What if the disciples walked away? They would have missed the spectacular – what Jesus was about to do. Step out and I will meet you there. God’s heart moves toward the multitudes and the crowds. Set up a system of always going back to Jesus. 

Let’s take everything we talk about tonight to Jesus and let him work. Let’s dream big and trust him with the details of how he will and can use us!

Now dream BIG for your school.  How do you want YL to be represented at your school? How can you make YL NOT just club? What kind of events do you want to put on? How do we reach our whole school for Christ? He can do it...just keep coming back to him!