The ultimate hope for the kids we work with is that they will believe in Jesus Christ and trust Him throughout their lives into eternity. Our prayer is that they would live with the awareness that Jesus took our sins upon Himself at the cross and that He chose to die in our place. It is Good News to realize we are now no longer destined to live imprisoned in these sins, but we are free to be discipled and to live as we were created to live. Similarly, as good as it is to embrace Jesus as our personal Savior, it is exceedingly Good News when we embrace Him as our benevolent King and Lord. You see, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in all its grandeur and vast expansiveness, is in fact more than Good News; it’s the Best News ever! However, this Great News is oftentimes not experienced as such because we tend to forget how immense it is and that the power of this Good News is with us forever.